Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Krystal's top 5 from Urban Decay

I have been a long time fan of Urban Decay. They sell great makeup with amazing pigment. I can go on and on  about their products I love, but I have narrowed down a list of my Top 5 from Urban Decay.

24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Perversion $19
This has to be my all time favorite eye pencil. It is the smoothest blackest black I have ever tried. It is most comparable to MAC's Eye Kohl in Smolder, it glides on just like that but doesn't smear the way smolder does. You can use it to smudge out for a smokey look that will last all day, or you can just line your upper and lower lids as well as the inner rim of your lash line, which also lasts longer than other liners I have tried in the past.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original $20

This is the best eyeshadow primer! I get really oily lids and without this primer  my shadow will bleed together, crease, and smear. You only need the smallest amount and it will make your eyeshadow last all day long. The pigment of your shadow will even appear more vibrant. 

24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Perversion $19
This is my go to, I'm in a hurry liner. Its glides on effortlessly and truly will stay on 24 hours. Once applied it only takes moments for it to dry and once it does it won't smear. Now it does say waterproof, but it really does depend on what you call waterproof. If you get your eyes wet the liner will not run but as soon as you touch it it will ball up and peel off. That happens to be one thing I like about it because it doesn't take a lot of scrubbing to remove. 

24/7 Concealer Pencil, I use FBI $18

This concealer is fantastic. It goes smooth and has a lot of coverage. What I like about it is that it doesn't build up in any creases or wrinkles and when covering blemishes. The only issue I have had is finding the concealer in my shade. The lighter shades are often sold out and, but I have had luck finding it at the Sephora in JC Pennys.

Naked Palette $50
This palette is so universal I recommend everyone have it. There are endless looks you can make with this pallet from a natural naked eye to a sexy smokey eye. Naked and Buck are both matte shadows that are great to use for your eyebrows. Naked is perfect for blondes and Buck is perfect for dark hair. I use this pallet almost everyday, I love it!

Pretty Feet

It was feeling like Spring today so I broke out my flip flops. A bit premature maybe, but I couldn't resist. Are you dreading flip flop season because you have let your heels go? Yes, you can get a pedicure, but you don't want to defeat the purpose of a perfect pedicure, if you are going to have cracked dry heels. I have found the perfect solution!
I am a flip flop fiend, and that can reek havoc on your heels. Last summer I found the cure. It will literally add 2 minutes maximum to your morning routine. You cannot possibly depend on a once, even twice a month pedicure to keep the cracks at bay.

You will only need two things:

1. A porous pumice stone (no metal!)

2. HeelTastic

Buff your heels with the pumice stone in the shower for about 30 seconds per heel. Then, after you dry off, immediately apply HeelTastic to your heels. It dispenses like a roll on so you don't have to touch it. After I put it on my heels, I wear my slippers until I am finished getting ready. This gives it time to soak in and the excess is wiped off on my slippers. That's it! My heels were pretty cracked and I'd say in about 3 weeks they were perfect. No signs of cracks.

You will want to do it every day until you are happy with your feet. If your feet are particularly bad, try using it at night with a pair of socks. Then you can use it as needed.

The scent is unique...kinda like the Renaissance Faire but you won't smell it because it's way down at your feet. HeelTastic is the only thing that has actually worked for me. I highly recommend this!

I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $10 and I used their handy dandy 20% off coupon :)

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Step 1- Find out what's causing them: Either genetics, age, or allergies.

To determine why your circles happen, gently stretch the skin under your eyes. If that area becomes darker, the circles are probably due to genetics or aging. If the color doesn’t change, UV rays or allergies are probably the cause.

Genetics- The most common. If you have fair or thin skin under the eyes, it’s more obvious when blood pools there (often because of slower circulation from lack of sleep). This causes the capillaries to stretch and leak.

Suggested Treatments- Elevate your head when sleeping to prevent blood from pooling under your eyes. In the morning, apply a cold compress for about five minutes to constrict the blood vessels. You can use one of those frozen gel filled Zorro masks :). You can also use an eye cream that has caffeine which helps constrict vessels.

Allergies- They trigger the release of histamines in the body, which in turn inflame blood vessels and cause swelling.

Suggested Treatments - Consider taking an over-the-counter antihistamine before allergies begin to prevent shadows.

Age- Over time, skin loses collagen and thins, so veins show through more prominently. Sunbathing speeds up this process by breaking down collagen and mottling skin color.

Suggested Treatment- Use a collagen-building cream. A top go-to ingredient is Retinol. It helps increase collagen production. Vitamin C also encourages production and can help brighten skin tone . Always wear sunscreen daily, or you’ll cancel out the benefits from any of these treatments.

If you are looking for a way to conceal dark circles while also treating them, I suggest using Armani's Maestro Eraser Concealer. It brightens the eye, fades away dark circles, and moisturizes the eye. You will see results within 2 months of using this product. I suggest purchasing this from Nordstrom, where they will not hassle you, if you find you aren't satisfied and need to return it. It is about $40, but it will last you months because of the small amount you use.

I will also put a little Master Corrector underneath the Maestro Eraser. Master Corrector, which is $37, targets the pigmentation of your skin. What I like about these products compared to other concealers is that they are so very thin. They don't settle into fine lines and make you look older than you are. I hate when you have to choose between circles and wrinkles. You shouldn't have to settle for either one!

*medical info found from

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gift Wrapping Station

Trying to make everything beautiful is sometimes a challenge. How do you take rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue, and gift bags from complete chaos to organized beauty?

It was a lot easier than you would think. We used 4 fancy hooks, 12 (or 6, 2-packs) of tie backs for curtains, and 1 adjustable curtain rod. We had the desk, which we filled with different tissue papers.

All you do, is attach the hooks to the wall, centered on the desk, face up, and about two inches shorter than your shortest wrapping paper. Then, space evenly down until about 1-1/2' above the desk. The wrapping paper will set on top of the hooks and will easily lift out when needed. Make sure you have enough room between rows to easily take the rolls of paper out. The curtain rod will go below them and you simply fill it with ribbon (make sure the rod is small enough to fit the hole of the ribbon-we only use Costco ribbon). You can pull and cut the length you want. Once that's done, put 2 hooks on either side of the paper and load it with bags!

This makes it fun to wrap and so easy! It's all on the wall too, so it doesn't take up too much room. This makes me happy every time I walk into my office :)

Favorite Hand Cream

I am addicted to Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream! Its magic ingredients are macadamia oil & grape seed extract. This does exactly what it claims. It will soften your hands and keep them soft without being greasy. Not only is it good for your hands, but your cuticles will benefit as well. You literally only need a pea size amount of this product, so it will last a very long time. At first glance you may consider it fairly pricey at $18 for 2.5 oz. but considering the results, it is well worth the price.

My hands were so dry, I set out on a quest to find the best hand cream out there, with money not being a factor. I tried everything from the cheapest to the most expensive lines such as L'occitane, Kiehls & La Mer and found that Bliss' High Intensity Hand Cream gave the best results.

This hand cream is awesome on it's own, but when paired with Bliss' Glamour Gloves (20 min treatment) your hands will be in optimal condition. Review on the gloves...coming soon!


Hello, my aunt Tina and I will be blogging here at Beauty Blend. This is our first attempt at blogging, so please forgive us while we try to figure it out :) 
Just a little intro,
My name is Krystal and I’m a 26 year old, stay at home mom of two young and handsome boys and I have an amazing husband that supports me in whatever I love to do. I went to beauty school and have an esthetician license but my passion is doing makeup. I’d have to say it is the one thing I collect ;)