Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pretty Feet

It was feeling like Spring today so I broke out my flip flops. A bit premature maybe, but I couldn't resist. Are you dreading flip flop season because you have let your heels go? Yes, you can get a pedicure, but you don't want to defeat the purpose of a perfect pedicure, if you are going to have cracked dry heels. I have found the perfect solution!
I am a flip flop fiend, and that can reek havoc on your heels. Last summer I found the cure. It will literally add 2 minutes maximum to your morning routine. You cannot possibly depend on a once, even twice a month pedicure to keep the cracks at bay.

You will only need two things:

1. A porous pumice stone (no metal!)

2. HeelTastic

Buff your heels with the pumice stone in the shower for about 30 seconds per heel. Then, after you dry off, immediately apply HeelTastic to your heels. It dispenses like a roll on so you don't have to touch it. After I put it on my heels, I wear my slippers until I am finished getting ready. This gives it time to soak in and the excess is wiped off on my slippers. That's it! My heels were pretty cracked and I'd say in about 3 weeks they were perfect. No signs of cracks.

You will want to do it every day until you are happy with your feet. If your feet are particularly bad, try using it at night with a pair of socks. Then you can use it as needed.

The scent is unique...kinda like the Renaissance Faire but you won't smell it because it's way down at your feet. HeelTastic is the only thing that has actually worked for me. I highly recommend this!

I bought mine at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $10 and I used their handy dandy 20% off coupon :)

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