Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gift Wrapping Station

Trying to make everything beautiful is sometimes a challenge. How do you take rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon, tissue, and gift bags from complete chaos to organized beauty?

It was a lot easier than you would think. We used 4 fancy hooks, 12 (or 6, 2-packs) of tie backs for curtains, and 1 adjustable curtain rod. We had the desk, which we filled with different tissue papers.

All you do, is attach the hooks to the wall, centered on the desk, face up, and about two inches shorter than your shortest wrapping paper. Then, space evenly down until about 1-1/2' above the desk. The wrapping paper will set on top of the hooks and will easily lift out when needed. Make sure you have enough room between rows to easily take the rolls of paper out. The curtain rod will go below them and you simply fill it with ribbon (make sure the rod is small enough to fit the hole of the ribbon-we only use Costco ribbon). You can pull and cut the length you want. Once that's done, put 2 hooks on either side of the paper and load it with bags!

This makes it fun to wrap and so easy! It's all on the wall too, so it doesn't take up too much room. This makes me happy every time I walk into my office :)

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